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Design Brief Restrictions.

Max weight = 1kg

Use traditional manufacturing processes in the project, dont use only laser cutter, 50% traditional manufacturing recommended.

Dimensions = 250 x 250 x 250     (millimetres)

The robot cannot move until at least 5 seconds have elapsed after turning on the switch.

The robot must be autonomous. PIC controlled.

 Sumo Robots must not:

  • Emit smoke or fire
  • Leak, stain, or soil
  • Disperse powder, grit, or grime
  • Spray, throw, or use projectiles
  • Jam, shock, or electromagnetically interfere
  • Snare, entangle, or employ nets/rope
  • Scratch, gouge, or scrape

Main Issues to be considered.

How to keep the robot inside the ring.

How to achieve a 5 second delay before moving.

How to locate and drive at the other robot.

How to have good grip for our robot.

What way will our robot try and lift the opposing one off the ground.

What material to use to keep below the allowed mass.


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