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From looking at the sumobot links on YouTube and some of the ideas the lads in the class were coming up with it was evident that the most commonly used idea was a wedge type approach. So we felt we need to think outside the box and come up with a unique idea which would not enforce the same strategy as the wedge.


  • Spinning top toys .
  • UFO s (shape)
  • Beyblades.
  • YouTube.

The UfO pictures are what we are hoping to base our shape around with the electronics been placed in the top part of the spaceship as such.


Another picture which shows the shape design we are hoping to incorporate into our design.

We feel by using this shape style that we will be able to counteract the strategy of the wedge attach as it will be very difficult to ramp underneath this shape  of robot.


After watching sumobot competitions on the web I noticed the similarity with it and the kids game beyblades. I noticed very few of the robots were shaped like the beyblade but we felt as a group there was many benefits that we could take from the beyblade principal and encounter into our idea. e.g.

  • Spinning not just moving forwards and backwards.
  • Had the desired ufo shape we were looking for.
  • We would also try incorporate the stylish attractive look of the beyblade.  Haveing our sumobot looking well is also important.



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