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A possible strategical design!!   Leave a comment

Its very hard to push something out of a ring you cant grab or get a grip of!!


This is what or design will be all about.

Anytime the opposition try to charge at us or just on impact of there attack at us, our robot will twirl around and then it will have the upper hand on its opposition as it will be attacking it from behind.

This is shown very well in the above video clip.

We believe if we do a good job of designing and making the robot and apply this strategy to it we will be very hard to beat.


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More design considerations   Leave a comment

After some more research about the design of our robot, we thought that a lot of the sumo robots that are going to be designed in our class were going to drive really fast at the other robot to knock it out of the ring. As you can see from the following link on attacking strategies:



As you can see a lot of the attacking strategies involves driving straight at the opposition. So we thought how could we counter attack this!!

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Important Design Considerations   Leave a comment

As a group we got together and done in depth research on sumobots as we had no previous knowledge of sumobots. The internet was our best source of knowledge.

These are the some of the findings:

The oppostion will more than likely have a wedge shaped robot and try to lift our robot off the ground by either getting underneath our robot or else by lifting our wheels off the ground. To counteract this we think that it would be a good idea to have our wheels fully covered. Also, having our robot as close as possible to the ground is essential.

It is important that the whhels are made from rubber as it will cause more friction with the surface and therefore be harder to move/push.

Having high torque is very important also. One of the main ideas in the sumobot is to have raw pushing power and high torque is essential to achieve this. As of now all we know is that torque is related to the gears, axles and tyres. This is something which we will have to investigate further.

We also have to think about how we will we move our robot and what do we think will give us the best result. We could choose between tyres and tracks. We tried to research both possibilities to see which would be more suited to a sumobot. We found that using tyres was not recommended by the majority of people although a positive side to them is that there would be no time in manufacturing them, although they are costly. We also researched how useful wheels are on sumobots. They have good grip if the correct material is used, the manufacturing time is also relatively short and they are easy to make.


Here are  some solidwork drawings and some rough sketches:








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