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There three of us were very anxious to incorporate laser cutting into our robot as none of us hard ever rely used it machine much before so we wanted to gain so conference on it. Once agin we discussed what we hope to achieve with Seamus Harold and he was most helpful and he set us off in the right direction.  After our crash course on how to use the software we decide we wanted our sides to have different colours incorporated into them . We needed to come up with a way of doing this we came up with the idea of taping off the sides and the laser cutting out the lettering or creat which we wanted for our robot. This would alow the laser cutter to just cut of the tape where the crest or writing were going so we could then spray the piece , then peel off the tape this would give us the two-tone piece we desired.

We encountered a few problem when trying to do this.

  • First we tried leaving on the plastic on the material so the cutter would only cut out the shape we wanted this didn’t work very well as shown below.
  • By leaving on th plastic on the perspex the plastic melted into the shape we wanted cut out the was not ideal but by taking off the plastic and then putting on the masking tape we were able to resolve this.
  • Taking off too much with the laser cuter caused the shape being cut to come out to rough but after adjusting the cutter to only take out a small bit at a time and going over the piece two or three times we were able to get the finish we needed.



On the right we see how the piece looked before the plastic was peeled off. On the left we see once the plastic was peeled off we could only vaguely see the writing this was not good enough so we knew we must change our approach.



 Here we see how we taped up the piece and the laser cutting taking place. These didnt give a high enough quality finish but once we decided to peel off the plastic first and just use the tape the piece came out well and we were happy with the finish.

One of the pieces finish we can see how clearly the names came out by using the masking tape only method .

For people tinking of using this method them self we would recommend to:

  • Make sure the setting on the laser cutter a correct to the material being used. Take it slow and go over the piece 2 or 3 or even more times as it will give a better finish.
  • Make sure to use the right types of perspex there are two types available to us and only one of them is suitable for laser cutting.
  • Dont forget to turn on the extractor as the fumes can be harmful.
  • If u require to spay a creat or writing like we did on a piece or different colour using the masking take is a very easy and affective method. But set the speed slow go over the piece a few times and gently scrap out the dust out of the shape which was cut using a very small object like a needle file or nail.

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