Spraying our Bot.   Leave a comment

As already seen we masking taped our bot in the designated area before laser cutting the design out to maximize design. 

Precautions to be taken when and before spraying.

  • Make sure all areas which you do not want to get spray on are well covered with paper masking tape etc. We used masking tape.
  • Make sure you carry out your spraying in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not spray to near to your pieces as it will cause a run . Mist on spray and spray it a couple of time to eliminate runs.
  • Peel off masking tape gently to make sure not to pull off paint with the tape.
After being sprayed and before taking of masking tape.

After peeling off masking tape gently. 
We feel that the idea real worked well as a you can see the tone tone image of the names and the perspex does give a good feature and looks very well. This was also carried out for the crest logo on the sides for our bot.
What we would do differently if we were to do it again.
  • We feel if we would have made the lettering larger and maybe all capital it would have been easier to peal off the small individual pieces such as the little bits better lower case e and a letters. 
  • I would have like to ave seen what the it would have been like with a  different color for each name this mite have made the feature of the names being at different depth more obvious.

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