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Overall we are very happy with our robot as it turned out as we set out to make it. But we were very disappointed that it did not work as we put in numerous hours on the electronics aspect of our bot . We are still unsure why it did not work as the flow chart worked and the soldering was of a good standard. The process of being able to spray our names and create on the bot which we discussed with Seamus Harold worked a treat which was also rewarding and in hindsight side even tho our bot didn’t work we learned a considerable amount from the module.

Our finished Bot:

Suggestion to improve the module:

  • I feel that we hand not enough hand s on time given to soldering up circuits as complicated as the 1 for this module this caused people to encounter many problems as we in the past had only soldered and designed simple circuits so when we encounter difficulties.we were in many case unable to resolve them.
Ways of solving this:
  • A way of encountering this problem would be to get us to carry out many small projects which would mean us coming up with simpler type circuits like the one for the robot and get us more use to over coming problems like the ones we encountered. Not just soldering small led type projects like we have done.

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Our Bot turned out quite well. It was a direct reproduction of the design which we came up with back in January and meet all the requirements set out to use.

  • Robot must not exceed 1KG in weight.
  • The dimensions were not to exceed 250mm x 200mm
  • Only two DC motors could be used.
Finished Bot: Here we can see how our finished bot turned out as planed and looks identical to the bot which we designed. We feel our Bot looks well with the color and laser work and spraying rely setting it off this is pleasing as numerous hours went it getting this right . It also shows how successful the process of laser cutting the crest and names by using masking tape i would recommend this way of caring out this type of procedure in the future.
Here we can see how the bot is just under 1kg this is very important as it is a requirement but it also shows how we were able to erect a carry out or plan and implement it in order to meet the requirement of having our bot under 1 kg.

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